Corn Nuts
Vayner Media

ACES HIGH partnered with Vayner Media to celebrate Hormel’s launch of their new product: Mexican Street Corn Flavored Corn Nuts—by building the Guinness World Record’s LARGEST PINATA!

And what better place than San Antonio, Texas?! We locked step with the incredible artists at Masa Collective to help fabricate, paint, weld, and install this epic undertaking coming in at just over 10 stories tall! Showcasing this one-of-a-kind creation at the Charro Arena, home to the 2023 Texas State Charro champions!

A huge thank you to an amazing crew of partners and dreamers: Eric W. Mast; Sam Reinstein; Vayner Media; Masa Collective; Garrett T. Capps; Rudy Herrera; Rubi Ortiz; Doroteo Garza; Charro Association; Oscar Moreno; Americrane; Sunbelt; Gabriel Vasquez; Lazurus Chavira; Kat Chuber; Kelly Dugan; Lance Robbins; Adam Levine; Justin Hammond; Crystal Kalish; ATS Surveyors; and The City of San Antonio.

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